"The First Duty of the Educator, whether she is involved with the newborn infant or an older child, is to recognize the human personality of the younger being and respect it."
Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Learning Centers has been created to allow more children the opportunity to grow and learn using the Montessori Method and Philosophy. In the process, we are also providing women the possibility to not only provide a service to their community, to afford themselves and their families additional security.

We are pleased to offer, in addition to Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training, Consultation for: New Montessori School Start-ups, New Pre-School Start-ups, Existing Schools interested in converting to the Montessori Method, Child Care Centers and Family Home Providers interested in offering a comprehensive Early Childhood Program to their Clients.

Our Teacher Trainers and Consultants have well over 25 years of Experience each; in Early Childhood Programs including Pre School and Child Care Facilities.

Children have gained from the Montessori Method of Education for well over 100 years. We look forward to assisting you in realizing your goal to become trained and certified in Dr. Montessori's Method and Philosophy and bringing a Program to your community.


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